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WEBUJE.COM Terms of use

  1. 1. Parties to a contract


By creating website or eshop, a contract is agreed between:


NEKOR-EU, s.r.o.,Pastrnkova 13. 615 00 Brno, Czech republic, In: 25572385, supplier of systems under the trade mark WEBUJE.COM




you, as user


  1. 2. Acceptance of Terms of use


By creating webite or eshop in the WEBUJE.COM system, you hereby accept and agree to be legally bound by these Terms of use, and you vouch to obey them.


  1. 3. Your obligations

You, as the user of WEBUJE.COM, will use it in keeping with good manners and always in such a way to avoid knowingly or unknowingly damaging Us, WEBUJE.COM, or any third party while using our systems.


You agree to use our systems only to represent yourself, your work or to sell products.


You agree to act strictly in accordance with law when using WEBUJE.COM. You obligate not to violate copyright laws, as well as any other laws. You will not use WEBUJE for distribution of unwanted emails (spam) etc.


You oblige not to use WEBUJE.COM as a data storage for backup or any other use of your files, unless they are distributed in form of information or content of your web/eshop.


You oblige to submit all your comments, suggestions, complaints, claims or demands in connection with WEBUJE.COM to our tech support system, which is implemented into WEBUJE.COM administration, and you won’t contact us in any other way (phone etc).


You agree that when using FREE version of our service, you have no claim for any support or our actions, or guarantee of anything.


You obligate to regularly check these Terms of use, which may go through changes. If you disagree with the new version, you will report it through the tech support system. You agree that we will then delete all your projects.


You agree no to take any actions that will cause Us or Our employees needless trouble.


If you use Premium version of WEBUJE.COM, you oblige to make our payments on time.


You oblige to be always polite when communicating with our employees in any way, written or otherwise.


You oblige to refrain from using any graphic, text or other components of WEBUJE.COM system out of accord with copyright laws, for example by copying, sharing, distributing etc.


You acknowledge that these Terms of use only enable you to use WEBUJE.COM systems and does not give you licence to any of our work.


You agree that in case of any conflict between You and Us, we have the right to immediately suspend or terminate Your projects in WEBUJE.COM systems and make final decision, block your WEBUJE.COM access and do anything to stop you from using our systems and services.


You acknowledge that we are not responsible for third party services in any way.


In case of using premium services, you acknowledge that these services are arranged for 6 months, 12 months or 24 months. You further agree that length of notice for termination of service equals to the rest of the billing cycle and that we will prolong your contract, unless we will receive your cancellation through the tech support system at latest two work days before the end of the billing cycle.


You acknowledge that securing and paying for the second level domain, as well as redirecting it to our server in case of paid service, is entirely your own responsibility.


You agree that in case you don’t make your payment on time, your website or eshop may be immediately deleted without backup.


You oblige to use our tech support system, marked Support in your administration, as the sole way of communication with us. In case of the tech support being unavailable, and only if you are using premium service, you will use email address.


You agree that any civil proceedings will be held in Czech Republic.

  1. 4. Our obligations

We oblige to do everything possible to enable you to use WEBUJE.COM to promote yourself or your services, or to sell your products.


We oblige that we will try to fix any provable errors in WEBUJE.COM sytems.


We oblige to make all the WEBUJE.COM functions available in the FREE version a well.


We oblige to refrain from placing any form of advertising to your website/eshop, excluding the backlink to WEBUJE.COM or our own website, which may have any form, including anchor text.


We oblige not to provide any information, provided by you in connection with this agreement, to the third party, with the exception of cases when the concession to the provision of information is implied by law or by these Terms of use.


In case you are using premium (paid) service, we, as the provider of the WEBUJE.COM services, oblige to following:

-          In case you suffer any damage resulting from our failure to satisfy these Terms of use, we will refund you 1/365 of the year’s payment for every day on which a provable damage was caused.

-          In the tech support system, we will answer you within 7 work days if you pay for MINI service, within 2 work days if you pay for OPTIMAL service and within 1 work day if you pay for INDIVIDUAL service.