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The launch of WEBUJE.COM


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Free revolution

Software with revolutionary tech support

A new tool with revolutionary tech support is coming to UK

Today, NEKOR-EU, a new company with global ambitions, is coming to the British market with free web creating tools. It is the first in the world to implement the tech support system straight into the administration interface of the webpage and ishop creating tool. Its new solution is called WEBUJE.COM. Regarding competition, they say that they did not create software for grannies, but instead focused on those who seek immediate benefit for their business. The launch of WEBUJE.COM will present users with one of the fastest ways to the professional free websites, including guaranteed free technical support.

“Our goal was to relieve users from the need to search for information on the Internet or on discussion boards, even though they use a free tool. We’ve found out that users, at whom our very quick and easily useable product is aimed at, will most of all appreciate the readily available tech support. Our software offers everything a user may need, includes many functions and accessories, and it’s operation is very simple and easy. But even so, we want to be on hand to our clients”, says Martin Smykal, the company’s CEO.

With WEBUJE.COM, the company pursues three main goals: the simplicity of use, represented for example by user-friendly web creating wizard, the quickness of use, with no need to search through extensive menus, and already mentioned revolutionary tech support.

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Martin Smykal, CEO


You can download our logo (.PNG), screenshot of Guide or Tech support.